Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Games of History

Globalist Agenda Done to Fun

BadVlad, Vlad the impeller, How cruel, make them creally scared

Marstalien, Marx, Stalin, and Linen, aliens or alien to humanity

WarAndLice, first time false war propaganda is used to exploit and crash the markets

Redthroats, Red throats are coming, oh have been here

Tresusury, ours 'use to be

Fort Knucks, missing gold in the vault

Banksters, robbing the peoples dollar, and the world, legalized counterfeiting

Casanko, Banking derivatives, credit default swaps casino

IQ GoLo, IQ Go Lo, with malnutrition, we don't believe your dope

Life lotto, 1 in  100,000 chance to win

Politicks, politicians are ticks

HoleeBird, Pigeon has a hole in it's chest, is pigeoning for bread. Do you feed it or stomp it dead.

Psychopathehe, if someone hurts giggle

Chinarugs, China rug wars

Bibleonia, Bibble Babble, there' babble in the bible, history tells us our creators word is contrived for political gain

Diaminds, False Scarcity

Rising Tide, Raises all Ships

Blead, you bleed, you lead

Knoawt, we know and we'll tell if we're not on the boat

Seasaw, the tipping point on the culling see saw

NoNoNope, it's so hard not to help

Peogeons. People will Pigeon

LotRot, It's your lot to watch us rot

RotCam, watch as we rot

LootNupe, Republicans and democrates want your money. Reconstitutions want our work back

Elitetest, are you elitest

Crinking, critical thinking game

BuffetGate, what's on the Buffet today

Dumation, Deliberate dumming down of education, it worked for me

Invisybil, Invisible in many ways

Seditionox, Sedition paradox, just don't say it, pose it as a question

Planetation, Planet plantation, making the planet a plantation again

Homeless du du du. Find yu in this. People in the street, du, du, du. People in their cars du du du, People on pops couch, du, du, du. People one paycheck from homeless, du, du, du

Blameyou, blame the victim game

ConsensUS, Ballet box, cartridge box, jury box

Meditake, forced medication in water supply

Conspiretheresee, conspiracy, it's there, but its theory, it's really

Extrapeeps, Life is a stage, there's just too many extra people

Idiocrame, Idiocracy the movie and Hunger Games


40 Waste, 40 million displaced and growing, 40 million ways to win

Idle mine. Idle mine is the level tool

Reconstitution, we've fallen to pieces and we'll get back together

FuneeHeHe, as long as it's not real its FuneeHeHe

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